Our different Champagne :



Made of a typical blend (40% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir et 30% de Chardonnay), it presents  notes of lemon and vanilla.

Idéal as apéritif, it has beautifully delicate bubbles , with a lot of liveliness and freshness.


Price : 14.50 € per bottle and 87€ for one box of 6 bottles




This older cuvée gives enhanced flavours to the champagne. It presents with notes of flower and a buttery definition with a great balance and length on the palate.


Perfect to be served during a meal.


Price: 15.50€ per bottle and 93 € for one box of six bottles


This Cuvée is comprised of 20% of grapes from the Champagne region, exhibits notes of red fruits (raspberry and gooseberry), a fresh and expressive scent complemented by a strong structure and a lot of power.


Price: 16.50€ per bottle and 99 € for one box of six bottles



 Grapes only from 2009 (50% pinot noir  50% chardonnay).

This is a powerful and mature champagne with refreshing notes of butter and flower (hawthorn, acacia). The roundness on the palate and the marvelous structure let you enjoy this champagne throughout a meal.


Price: 18€ per bottle and 104 € for one box of six bottles